How are Chef Fees Calculated?

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The Foodom platform calculates chefs’ fees based on the recipes that a customer chooses in relation to the time it should take for an average professional chef to complete the recipes.  

As customers add recipes to their cart, the platform’s algorithm evaluates things such as if a recipe has a roast in the oven for 1 hour, then the chef will be able to prepare other dishes during that time. The customer is charged for the overall time the entire appointment will take, not the sum of each individual recipe cost, as shown on the website. 

For example, let’s say a customer orders a dish that is shown on the website for 10 servings and it will take 2 hours to complete. The cost is $100 for preparation. Another example would be if a customer selects roast chicken and it will take 1 hour in the oven, then the customer picks another dish like a salad for 10 servings and that takes 1 hour to prepare, then the platform will calculate that the entire appointment will take 2 hours, not 3 hours, as the chef will be preparing the second dish while the chicken is in the oven.  

Not every recipe combination is that simple, but this is basically how the platform makes the estimated calculations.  Please note that one exception to this is that when multiple dishes are ordered, and all must go into the oven, the algorithm is not able to calculate time/temp or whether these dishes would be compatible with each other in the oven at the same time. 

Here are a few other transparencies relating to fees and payouts

  • The Chef/ Foodom Split is 80/20. Foodom captures 20% to cover marketing, programming, bill/receipt processing, support, and all other expenses to keep the site running.
  • Chefs keep 100% of all tips. 
  • Grocery fees charged to the customer go to the chef in addition to the client’s appointment order.  The fees can vary based on order size and type of event. Foodom collects 20% of the grocery shopping fees.
  • If a client is booked for 4 hours and you finish in 2, you still get the full appointment fee.  And of course this work conversely as well. 
  • Most Foodom appointment fees are for the preparation of meal prep services of recipes ordered from the site. If customers want additional services like those that are required for a small event, such as plating and serving, or cooking lessons, etc, these are billed differently and you will have the option to negotiate variable pricing options with Foodom, if you choose to do these events when offered. 
  • We do our very best to insure the times that the algorithm assesses for recipes are accurate. Occasionally times might be off and if you feel this is the case, please reach out to  We will evaluate and adjust if necessary. 
  • Average Payouts are $100- $300 or more per meal prep or in-home gathering 

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